Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Conficker ....

Picture speaks a thousand word ...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Reminder ...

Just read this part in one of the SDK I got ...


6. Reverse Engineering. You will not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of any SDK Component provided to you in compiled or object code format except to the extent you may be expressly permitted to decompile under applicable law.


nuninuninuninuninuninuninuninu ...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ruxcon 2008

Presentations that I liked ...

Attacking Rich Internet Applications - Kuza55, Stefano Di Paola Uninitialized Variables <- i just wish they gave more hours for this talk (maybe removed the next presentation and continue with Paul Ducklin's presentation hehhe ... IMO)
JavaScript is Harder than you Think - Paul Ducklin <-hands up
GPU Powered Malware - Daniel Reynaud <- interesting one, noteworthy
Finding, Exploiting, Automating - Daniel Hodson
Targetted OLE2 Attacks, The New Black - Peter Taylor <- my wife liked the presentation so its worth mentioning
Browser Rider: Your way to Fun Browsing - Nik Mijatovic, Ben Mosse
Browser Memory Protection Bypasses in Vista - Mark Dowd <- as expected, great talk

This one deserves a distinction between the topics above, the best one for me and for some guys i know.
Netscreen of the Dead: Developing A Trojaned Firmware for Juniper Netscreen Appliances - Graeme Neilson

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Win32/MS08-067!exploit payload

Nothing much to say ....
Just an image of the decrypted payload ...

Basically, the APIs are for downloading and executing the downloaded file.

Now some packet-talk ...

Make sure your systems are patched to prevent infection of this malware.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Fake ....

I found this one in one of the binaries of Win32/FakeAlert ... as the name says fake alert ...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Install ActiveX controls to repair your computer ?!?!?!

A picture tells a thousand story ... but this one only tells one thing ...

Dont be fooled by the deceiving behavior of this rogue software ... Vista Antivirus 2008 .

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sality ....

List of predefined security files that it deletes ...

well aside from the *.vdb, *.avc signature files ...

  • A2GUARD.

0103B94E CALL DWORD PTR DS:[105316C] ; kernel32.FindNextFileA
0103B956 JE 0103BA22
0103B962 MOV BYTE PTR SS:[EBP+EDX-548],0
0103B970 PUSH EAX
0103B977 PUSH ECX
0103B978 CALL DWORD PTR DS:[1053160] ; kernel32.lstrcatA
0103B984 PUSH EDX
0103B985 CALL DWORD PTR DS:[1053164] ; kernel32.lstrlenA
0103B98B SUB EAX,4
0103B997 PUSH EAX
0103B998 CALL DWORD PTR DS:[1053164] ; kernel32.lstrlenA
0103B99E CMP EAX,4
0103B9A1 JLE SHORT 0103B9D0
0103B9A3 MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[1054188]
0103B9B5 CALL DWORD PTR DS:[10530B4] ; kernel32.lstrcmpiA
0103B9BD JNZ SHORT 0103B9D0
0103B9BF PUSH 1
0103B9C8 CALL 0103B79C


0103B7A3 JNZ SHORT 0103B7BD
0103B7A5 PUSH 0
0103B7A7 PUSH 2
0103B7AD CALL 0103CAC0
0103B7B2 ADD ESP,0C
0103B7B7 JNZ SHORT 0103B7BB
0103B7B9 JMP SHORT 0103B7D7
0103B7BB JMP SHORT 0103B7D3
0103B7BD PUSH 20
0103B7C3 CALL DWORD PTR DS:[1053080] ; kernel32.SetFileAttributesA
0103B7CD CALL DWORD PTR DS:[105307C] ; kernel32.DeleteFileA
0103B7D5 JMP SHORT 0103B7D9
0103B7D7 JMP SHORT 0103B7BD
0103B7D9 POP EBP


Thursday, September 18, 2008


My reference ....

w0sacerqippat...3 - 010049c0
rhuxnodalil03125...4 - 01001ab5


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spam email template used by not so famous variants of Storm worm

Here is a list of subjects and contents that I found while analyzing current not so famous variants of the Storm worm also known as Peacomm (Symantec), Nuwar (Trend Micro & McAfee), Zhelatin (Kaspersky), Sintun / Pecoan (CA)

It can be in the subject or content so please be aware of unexpected emails you receive with the following subjects

> Stock Market related spam mails <

#1 Pick of the week
Another celebration
Breakout news
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I know you want it
Immediate attention needed
Important market tip
Look at the news and the charts
Make the move now
Make your money
Move on it now
News is out
News when you need it
Now is the time
Number one pick of the week
Our subscribers are the first we tell
Our top recommendation
Posted today
Price continues to climb
Rare investment opportunity
Read the profile
Read up on this before Monday
Right Now, go look
Set your bid now
Shares continue to increase
Stock Information
Stock News
Stock Watch Information
Stocks that are moving
Take advantage of this one
This is a winner
This requires your attention
Timely information
Watch it trade
We are so excited
We wanted to share with you
Why it should be in your portfolio
You can do it
You know what to do
You need this
[re:] good company
buy low sell high
do you want to double your money
don't wait read it now
make it a great week
market watch
still on top
take a look at this
the best buy is now
they are still adding on

> E-Card related spam mails <

A Digital Card from someone who cares.
A card for you
A greeting for you
A greeting from ...
An Ecard for someone special
Greetings from...?
Here is Your Ecard
Here is your E-greeting
Open now for your eCard
Someone Made you a card
Someone is thinking about you.
Someone sent you an Ecard
Someone sent you an Ecard.
This is a Card for you.
This is for you.
You Have An Ecard
You have a new eCard from...?
You have a new greeting
You have an E-Card from...?
You have received an eCard
You've received an E-Greeting
Your Digital Greeting Card is waiting
If you want to see your Ecard,
If you would like to read this greeting,
If you would like to see your Card,
To Enjoy your Ecard,
To get your Ecard,
To get your message,
To recieve your greeting,
To see your card,
To view your Ecard online,
To view your card,

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... stay safe guys ...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

File format ...

Reference ....

Microsoft Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) File Formats

Nothing new ... ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old virus descriptions

Nothing new ...

just found this old virus description ... LOLz

Other threat names so memorable to me ...




When FakeAlert dates back to 2004 ...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


before it was xpantivirus ... then it became antivirusxp2008


Friday, July 11, 2008

very busy second half of the year ...

some random thoughts ....

* my resignation in PC Tools is effective last week . . .
* started my new job in CA ...

First virus description ....


* we are moving in our new apartment tomorrow . . .
* my wife loved the place because of the huge closets . . .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Notes for me .. in case i forgot where to find it ...

When you are searching for something ... you need to have the right keywords for it ...

Like for example I've read a very informative Microsoft TechEd document titled
"Writing Secure Native Code with Visual C++" a couple of years ago.

I'd been searching for a long time ... just to find out that it is not available online ... hehehhe

some excerpt

By default, the older less-secure C runtime functions are declared to be deprecated in the C runtime library header files using the __declspec(deprecated) extended attribute syntax. To turn off the deprecation warnings for the older, less secure functions, you may define the macro _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE. Alternatively, you may use the #pragma warning to disable individual warnings.

#pragma warning (disable:4996)

Many of the new C runtime functions check incoming parameters for validity. Parameter validation includes checking for NULL pointers, checking that integral values are within valid ranges, and checking for valid enumeration values. If a problem is detected by the function, an invalid parameter handler is automatically called by the runtime library. The default invalid parameter handler provided by the C runtime raises and Access Violation exception. In Debug mode, an assertion is also raised.

The runtime library provides a function, __set_invalid_parameter_handler so that you may install your own function to respond to input parameter errors. Your function may terminate the application, or it may return control to the calling function that received the invalid parameters. The calling function will normally discontinue execution and set errno to an error code such as EINVAL to indicate invalid parameters. The calling function may use more specific values for errno, such as EBADF to indicate a bad file pointer was detected.

Another site that I always use for reference is the site below ... for VMWare and Virtual PC detection stuff

/* in Intel syntax (MASM and most Windows based assemblers) */
MOV EAX, 564D5868h /* magic number */
MOV EBX, command-specific-parameter
MOV CX, backdoor-command-number
MOV DX, 5658h /* VMware I/O Port */

/* in AT&T syntax (gnu as and many unix based assemblers) */
movl $0x564D5868, %eax; /* magic number */
movl command-specific-parameter, %ebx;
movw backdoor-command-number, %cx;
movw $0x5658, %dx; /* VMware I/O port */
inl %dx, %eax; (or outl %eax, %dx)

and also this one

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What is so wrong with this? ...

These guys are so desperate .... :(

Well I installed Zango ... and after that all hell breaks loose ... pop ups all you want.

After that I went to rapidshare .. and got this message box ...

At first I thought it came from rapidshare but seeing that small IE box makes me suspicious.
(Well it did not came from rapidshare ... )

After I chose Cancel .... Then I am NOT surprised that it STILL run
(I know it is just an animation ehehhe ... but for a normal user they may think that it is really running ... and detecting malwares on my machine .... so deceiving)

Lucky for me ... I am running in a virtual environment ...

By the way, Boston Celtics are now 2007-2008 NBA Champions

Go Greens!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Moving hard disk with Windows XP into another machine

Just another note for me.

When using a mobile rack and your hard drive contains a Windows XP OS, you can follow these instructions so you will not encounter any error moving on another machine.

From Micro$oft support ...

I will repost the contents of the URL here in case they remove it from that URL.
This article helped a lot of analysts that I know....


Microsoft support article

You receive a Stop 0x0000007B error after you move the Windows XP system disk to another computer


This article describes how you may receive a Stop error when you try to start the Microsoft Windows XP-based backup computer after you move the system disk to a backup computer. This issue occurs when registry entries and the drivers for the mass storage controller are not installed in Windows XP. To resolve this issue, use the same hardware in the backup computer.


After you move the Microsoft Windows XP system (boot) disk to a backup computer, you may receive the following Stop error when you try to start the Windows XP-based backup computer:
STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF741B84C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)


This error may occur if the registry entries and the drivers for the mass storage controller hardware in the backup computer are not installed in Windows XP.

For integrated device electronics (IDE) controllers, there are several different chip sets available, such as Intel, VIA, and Promise. Each chip set has a different Plug-n-Play identifier (PnP-ID).

The PnP-ID information of mass storage controllers for the backup computer must be in the registry before startup so that Windows XP can initialize the correct drivers.


To resolve this error, use the same hardware for the backup computer:
Replace the problem hardware components in the backup computer with components of the same manufacturer, make, and model as the motherboard in the computer that you are backing up.
If the system disk is a SCSI disk, use the same make and model of SCSI controller in the new computer.
If the system disk is an IDE disk, use the same kind of motherboard in the new computer, a motherboard that has the same kind of IDE chip set and the same PnP-ID as the motherboard in the computer that you are backing up.
For SCSI-based system disks, you can prime the registry and make sure that the drivers that you want are in place by installing the SCSI controller that is used by the backup computer before you transfer the system disk contents. Windows XP PnP detects the controller, sets up critical registry entries, and copies the appropriate driver.

After you see the SCSI controller in Device Manager, you can remove the alternate controller. If you have to move the system disk to another computer that has the same make and model of SCSI controller in the future, Windows XP will start successfully because Windows XP has already used that controller one time and has retained the correct configuration information.


Although Microsoft does not support this method, you can import or merge the required registry entries, and copy the drivers beforehand to support all IDE controllers that are natively supported by Windows XP. Note that although this method might enable the relocated system disk to start successfully, other hardware differences can lead to other problems.

This solution provides support for IDE controllers whose PnP-ID matches one of the PnP-IDs in the following list. However, if you want to determine beforehand the IDE controllers that are used in your current and backup computers, you can search the %SystemRoot%\Setupapi.log file for the PnP-ID that is detected while the Setup program is running.

After you determine the PnP-IDs that are used in your computers, you can choose to merge or to populate the registry with only the PnP-IDs that you need.

The following list shows the PnP-IDs of natively supported IDE controllers in Windows XP:

   ;*********** Standard IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers *********

;*********** Generic ESDI Hard Disk_Controller **********

;*********** Aztech IDE Controller **********************

;*********** Device ID for Generic Dual PCI IDE *********

;************ALI IDE Controller ******************************

;************Appian Technology **************************

;************CMD Technology *****************************

;************Compaq *************************************

;*************Intel *************************************

;*************PC Technology *****************************

;*************Silicon Integrated System *****************

;*************Symphony Labs *****************************

;*************Promise Technology ************************

;*************VIA Technologies, Inc. ********************

;*************Standard Microsystems Corp. ***************

;*************Toshiba ***********************************

To import this information, follow these steps on two different test computers that exhibit the Stop 0x0000007B error after you change disks between computers. After you follow this procedure on each test computer, you can probably move the hard disks and start both computers without receiving the Stop 0x0000007B error. However, other hardware differences can cause other problems.
1.Copy the following information into Notepad, and then save the file on a 3.5-inch disk. Name the file Mergeide.reg, without the .txt file name extension.

********** Start copy here **********
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
































;Add driver for Atapi (requires Atapi.sys in Drivers directory)

"Group"="SCSI miniport"
"DisplayName"="Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller"

;Add driver for intelide (requires intelide.sys in drivers directory)

"Group"="System Bus Extender"

;Add driver for Pciide (requires Pciide.sys and Pciidex.sys in Drivers directory)

"Group"="System Bus Extender"
********** End copy here **********

2.Extract the Atapi.sys, Intelide.sys, Pciide.sys, and Pciidex.sys files from the %SystemRoot%\Driver Cache\I386\ file, or copy the files to the %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers folder.
3.In Microsoft Windows Explorer, right-click the Mergeide.reg file in the floppy drive, and then click Merge.

Windows XP displays the following message:
Are you sure you want to add the information in A:\Mergeide.reg to the registry?
Click Yes.

After the import process is completed, Windows XP displays another message:
Information from A:\Mergeide.reg was successfully entered into the registry.
4.Quit Windows XP, turn off the computer, and then move the system disk to the other test computer, the one that previously produced a Stop 0x0000007B error, and then test to see if you can successfully start the second computer.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Analysis of the shellcode of SWF Exploit CVE-2007-0071

After the decryption code, it will search for the base address of kernel32.dll to get the addresses of the APIs that it will need.

As shown in the illustration it uses the Process Environment Block (PEB) to get the kernel32.dll's base address.

Here is a great explanation on PEB.

It goes to fs:[30] as its entry point to the PEB.

Here is a very good reference where the values in fs points to. Basically it is more of the Thread Information Block (TIB).

Once it gets the base address of kernel32.dll in memory, it will get all the API addresses it needs in the export address table.

kernel32.dll base address in XP is 77E60000.
(I reckon it depends on the version of XP, I will double check on this in a few days.)

So below is a list of APIs that it gets



It will also get the import table address. In this case it gets API addresses from the imported DLL of kernel32.dll, which is ntdll.dll.

It gets the addresses of the following APIs

NtCreateProcessEx - ntdll.ZwCreateProcessEx
NtWriteVirtualMemory - ntdll.ZwWriteVirtualMemory

Below you can see that it calls kernel32.LoadLibraryA API to load the urlmon.dll.
It used the JMP instruction instead of a direct CALL instruction to the API.

When this is debugged and you go inside kernel32.dll, you will see this in the stack.

It finds the address of the API urlmon.URLDownloadToFileA in urlmon.dll.

Then it changes the memory protection on the address of ntdll.ZwCreateProcessEx, ntdll.ZwWriteVirtualMemory and kernel32.CreateProcessInternalW to PAGE_EXECUTE_READ.

Then it gets the temporary path of the system and deletes the file orz.exe in the temporary path of the system to make sure the file will be the latest version.

In the figure below you can see that it calls the API urlmon.URLDownloadToFileA with the following parameters

HRESULT URLDownloadToFile(
LPCTSTR szFileName,
DWORD dwReserved,
Relevant values

szURL = hxxp://mmlan . com . cn / mm . exe
szFileName = C:\DOCUME~1\username\LOCALS~1\Temp\ orz.exe

Then it executes the file using the kernel32.CreateProcessInternalA API.

That's it.

Enjoy your weekend.