Tuesday, August 18, 2009

registry notes .. x of many


HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT : constant HKEY := To_Hkey(16#80000000#);

HKEY_CURRENT_USER : constant HKEY := To_Hkey(16#80000001#);

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE : constant HKEY := To_Hkey(16#80000002#);

HKEY_USERS : constant HKEY := To_Hkey(16#80000003#);

HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA : constant HKEY := To_Hkey(16#80000004#);

HKEY_PERFORMANCE_TEXT : constant HKEY := To_Hkey(16#80000050#);

HKEY_PERFORMANCE_NLSTEXT : constant HKEY := To_Hkey(16#80000060#);

Friday, August 14, 2009

New SMS Ransomware

As reported here.

New ransomware detected by CA as Win32/RansomSMS.Q.

-Russian Translation-
You are using unlicensed software in your system

To continue using the system, you must obtain a license key
Now it is easy to do just follow the instructions below

1. You need to send SMS-message
2. In response you will receive an activation code
3. Enter the code to activate the system

Send an SMS message with the text:


at number


Enter the resulting code
Activate Product


Currently working on activation code.....