Monday, December 1, 2008

Ruxcon 2008

Presentations that I liked ...

Attacking Rich Internet Applications - Kuza55, Stefano Di Paola Uninitialized Variables <- i just wish they gave more hours for this talk (maybe removed the next presentation and continue with Paul Ducklin's presentation hehhe ... IMO)
JavaScript is Harder than you Think - Paul Ducklin <-hands up
GPU Powered Malware - Daniel Reynaud <- interesting one, noteworthy
Finding, Exploiting, Automating - Daniel Hodson
Targetted OLE2 Attacks, The New Black - Peter Taylor <- my wife liked the presentation so its worth mentioning
Browser Rider: Your way to Fun Browsing - Nik Mijatovic, Ben Mosse
Browser Memory Protection Bypasses in Vista - Mark Dowd <- as expected, great talk

This one deserves a distinction between the topics above, the best one for me and for some guys i know.
Netscreen of the Dead: Developing A Trojaned Firmware for Juniper Netscreen Appliances - Graeme Neilson

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